3 questions with John Verity

John Verity
Jonh Verity

1 – What is your earliest memory of music in your life?
When I was a kid, people would listen to music on the radio, and if you were really lucky
you’d have a record player too!
Music on the BBC wasn’t really aimed at young people but sometimes there would be a
request by someone who was in the British Forces overseas and had been exposed to
American music – rock & roll, and other current US chart stuff. I then discovered Radio
Luxembourg, where you could listen to pop music day and night – in my case on the Crystal
Set I had built myself!!.
Pretty soon I had my own record player and was looking back into the kind of music that had
influenced my rock & roll heroes, which of course led me to the blues….

2 – What album influenced you or your style the most?
Ha! that’s impossible to answer!
If I had to choose one album it would be ‘BB King – Live at the Regal’ but then along came
the ‘Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton’ album, and of course a certain Jimi Hendrix.
Throughout all this I’ve been heavily influenced vocally by Aretha Franklin.

3 – What piece or performance are you most proud of to date?
It’s hard to answer that one. I strive to be at my best at every gig large or small, though
sometimes I feel that my better performances are at smaller venues. This recent clip was
captured on a phone so technically it is a bit limited but it does show what I’m currently up
to perfectly…
In terms of recorded performances I’m really proud of my latest album release ‘Blue to my
soul’, it seems to encapsulate where I am at the moment musically both as a player and