All about the Bass (strings)

Here at Newtone we offer two types of winding style of bass strings. Diamond & Platinum.


Newtone Strings Diamond Bass Packet
Newtone Strings Diamond Bass

The Diamond Bass strings are an excellent quality string, featuring outstanding sustain together with long life. These strings have been designed with live performance in mind.

Newtone Platinum Bass Packet
Newtone Strings Platinum Bass

The Platinum Bass strings have been designed specifically for studio work. A finer outer wrap cuts down squeal, whilst the core-to-wrap ratio is set to give a string with a true fundamental note, meaning less compression is required for recording.

The choice doesn’t stop there. We also offer Round and Hexagonal cores.

So, to try and help you on your way to finding the best strings for you and your bass we have the following sound samples. Played, for your delight, by our friend Jon Hallam, bassist with These Wicked Rivers.

Jon Hallam of These Wicked Rivers
Jon Hallam of These Wicked Rivers

Below are frequency analysis charts for each clip. As you can see, the Round cores reduce the top end frequencies and add more mid range to the strings. Giving a ‘played in tone’ straight out of the packet.

Try them for yourself, and see….

Newtone bass strings
This is how many different sizes and types of wire go in to the average set of Newtone bass strings.

And here is how it all comes together:

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