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Newtone Strings and our ‘exclusive’ use of Round cores?

I am sometimes asked with  amazement, “I thought you only used Round cores??” This is a misconception that has come about over the years.

When Newtone was founded, we made all strings on Hex core, as with most manufacturers, but then slowly discovered the advantages of Round cores. Our Master Class range became very popular with the Round cores, and as such all our acoustic guitar sets feature them. However, we never adopted an exclusive use of Round cores in all our strings, and we include in the description of the strings on our website (still under construction in its new form) which cores are used. I can only assume, that because we are very well know for our acoustic guitar strings, that some customers come to the conclusion we use only one type of core.
We are unique in may ways here at Newtone Strings, and give all options, on all sets, to all customers. Therefore you are able to find the perfect set of strings for each instrument, and playing style.