Dave Arcari

“My guitar12557045_1102803516418735_1168456159_o strings are as important as my guitars in creating my sound. Not only does Newtone Strings make the difficult to find gauges I like – the tone, strength (important…I’m heavy handed!) and quality is easily the best I’ve ever used. Add in great service and value for money and you have the best string manufacturer around.”


Jon Gomm

Jon Gomm
Jon Gomm

“Newtone’s are just better. The roundcore means more harmonics, and, crucially, more midrange frequencies, which is where all the warmth and soul lives. The only problem is, you can’t ever go back to mass produced strings. Every other string sounds thin and weak in comparison to a Newtone string.”


Jonathan Lawson (The Railers)


“I’ve searched a long time to find a set of strings that sound perfect straight out of the package, are durable enough to still sing after several sweat-dripping shows, and that I can count on to hold up against hard strumming.  The search is over.  Newtone Strings are by far the best strings I have ever rigged up on my guitars.” 


Ralph McTell


“In my opinion, whatever your guitar, it will be enhanced by the use of Newtone Strings. So go on; ‘Wake Up’ your guitar and be inspired. Guitar players are picky by definition, and you won’t pick better”


Michael Messer


“I have fitted and played literally thousands of sets of Newtone strings. The quality of Newtone hand-wound strings is second to none. For me, nothing else comes close, not even other brands of hand-wound strings. As well as the quality of the product, there is also the fantastic personal service offered by Newtone.”


 Henry Olsen

henryolsen5 copy“I always use Newtone Strings. I use the Lucidity Series on all my electric guitars and the Master Class Series on all of my acoustics. 

Having relentlessly experimented with every type and brand of string, I have now settled on Newtone Strings, as I believe them to be the best there is.

Neil and his team offer exceptional customer service and are very friendly and kind in their approach. I recommend these strings whole-heartedly.”


Murilo Romano

333761_434825759886145_442065086_o“Simply the best! I’ve been playing Newtone Strings for a long time and they really have the best tone of any strings I’ve ever played.  A truly balanced tone across all the strings not to mention the unique comfort which makes it easier to play that only Newtone Strings can provide! Besides that, the strings lasts a long time!

Even after hundreds of concerts in every possible environment, it continues sounding and feeling great.  Once you play Newtone Strings you will not want to play any other guitar strings for the rest of your life!”


Taken by the tide

12650297_10156456509740453_774658875_nAndrew Workman – “giving clarity, rich definition and consistency of tone across the neck, Newtone strings are ideal for my extended range basses. A warm, personal and bespoke service – they have fully tailored my strings to my specific needs as a musician and I won’t be using anything else”

Eric Revill – “Newtone strings have the warmth and life span that just cant be found in mass produced strings for extended range instruments. And, in all honesty, nothing compares to the care and soul that goes into the making of hand wound strings”


John Verity

John Verity
John Verity
I discovered Newtone through my friend and fellow tone hound Phil Taylor when I
mentioned that I was unhappy with my current strings. I trust Phil, he builds high-end tube driven effects pedals and is as fanatical about quality and tone as I am. I contacted Neil at Newtone, tried to explain what I was looking for and pretty soon I was listening to my guitar sounding better than ever. I have never been happier –thanks Phil, and of course Neil for making this old chap smile!