Northlane – Alex Milovic Signature Multi-scale Bass Strings


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Designed with Alex Milovic for his Dingwall basses they are constructed of Hex cores with Stainless Wrapping, featuring taper windings over the bridge on the thickest 3 strings.

‘The hardest part about playing extremely drop tuned music as a bass player is finding the right bass strings for the job. Not only do they have to be heavy enough to handle the tuning’s but also long enough to string a multi-scale bass. This for me has been my biggest quest and challenge over many years until finding Newtone. The AMDF & AMDG# encompass everything i need in a set of strings for both tunings used with Northlane. Not only are the string gauges perfect and the lengths of string are tailored specifically for a multi scaled instrument but the stainless steel retains the brightness needed to cut through the mix.’

Available in the following gauges:

AMDF .053 .070 .090 .130 .174

AMDG# .043 .057 .076 .098 .150

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AMDF .053-.174, AMDG# .043-150