Becky Langan Signature Master Class Series


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“After years of experimenting with many different brands, gauges and tensions, I fell into the habit of alternating between gauge 12-59’s and 13-62’s strings. I found that string companies which allow you to purchase custom hand-made strings are extremely rare, and this is just one of the many reasons why I love Newtone Strings, and why I will never go back to mass-produced strings.

I use gauge 12-59 strings when practicing, as this allows me to perform for longer periods of time whilst preventing injury (I’ve suffered from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in the past so I have to be quite careful). During live and studio performances I tend to switch to gauge 13’s so I can achieve a fuller sound.

The low E and A string are thicker than your standard 12-52/ 13-56 strings. This creates a warm, powerful, bassy tone, and when combined with the round core, reduces the top end frequencies and adds more mid-range to the strings. This creates a very distinctive tone, which is much nicer than your average steel-string guitar sound.”

Available in the following gauges:

.012 .016 .025w .036 .047 .059

.013 .017 .027w .038 .050 .062

Discount for buying multiple sets Discount
2 - 4 3%
5 - 9 5%
10 - 20 15%
21 - 100 20%


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.012-.059, .013-.062

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