Marco Galiffa Signature Archtop sets


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Marco Galiffa Signature Archtop sets, are his preferred gauges designed to work with his favourite Archtop guitars.

• 13 17 23 31 41 52 (25.5 scale length)
I use this custom set on my L5 full scale as well as super 400 ces.
I put less tension on bass side to avoid feedback problem (which is common on Gibson’s solid top guitar type). It works. and is suitable also for good acoustic playing.

• 14 18 24 32 42 53 (24.75 scale length)
I use this set for my Gibson 175.
great feeling, easy to play and well balanced. I prefer to put more tension on treble side, less bass tension to compensate the middle/bass range of 175ish electric playing. excellent. Pure jazz sound.

• 15 18 25 33 43 54 (shorter scale length)
This set is specifically built for short scale guitars (as byrdland 23.5 scale length).
big tone, well balanced, clear bass, explosive trebles.

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.013-.052, .014-.053, .015-.054