Heritage Series Acoustic 6 string


These strings are designed to have a reduced and virtually equal tension on each string. They are made with Phosphor Bronze wrap on Round cores with unique core-to-wrap ratios, so the gauges which match up with some of our standard sets are not the same at all!

There are several advantages of using these strings. Vintage guitars, light braced guitars and people who have problems fretting due to arthritis or tendonitis can use these strings without worrying about twisting or uneven pulling on the bridge. Low tensions also mean ease of fretting.

Available for standard E tuning or DADGAD.

To hear audio samples of these and our other Acoustic strings please click here.

If out of stock, back orders are completed in around 14 days.

A recent testimonial:

“Hi Newtone Strings

I just wanted to send over a quick thank you for making such fantastic strings. I’ve long played acoustic finger style guitar but have had to shift primarily over to electric playing due to a degenerative nerve condition in my hands, they’re getting weaker and a little slower.

As a result, my acoustic has sat in its case for nearly 2 years. This past weekend I was booked to play some shows in Denmark which required an acoustic setup, I was in a bit of a panic about how I could manage it, experimented a bunch with lighter gauge strings but still found it hard to play, and then I remembered Newtone Strings, I’m based just down the road from you in Birmingham! I remember playing your low tension Heritage strings ages ago and thought I’d give them a go – problem solved, they made my acoustic so much easier for these hands to play, they sounded amazing and helped me fall in love with that instrument all over again.
Thanks and I hope you carry on making Heritage strings for years and years to come, my hands need ‘em!”
Total tension in lbs on 25" scale
Discount for buying multiple sets Discount
2 - 4 3%
5 - 9 5%
10 - 20 15%
21 - 100 20%
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.010-.043, .011-.047, .012-.051, .013-.055, .014-.060, .012-.052 DADGAD, .013-.059 DADGAD

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