Jon Gomm Signature Master Class strings

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.014 .018 .028w .040 .052 .068

Master Class series, Phosphor Bronze handwound over Round cores, featuring unique Core to wrap ratios.

To be tuned a Whole Tone below standard pitch, or lower
“We (me and the Newtone guys) spent a long time trying different tensions and gauges, until I
finally settled on these strings. They are super-heavy, especially for low tunings. I tune my guitar
a tone below concert pitch, and quite often much lower than that. This brings out a warmth and
character completely different to the usual twangy steel-string guitar tone. Or maybe if your
voice has dropped in pitch over time, these strings could be the answer to your prayers! And
because of the heavy gauge and low tension (floppyness) I have never broken one of these strings
on a gig, ever.”

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